How to enter university

How to be admitted into Stanford Students who need to be admitted to Stanford University must be ready to achieve excellence. In 2013, only 5.7% of the applicants were accepted while thousands of other candidates were rejected. Magic does not work here; working hard with successful completion of core classes with proactive participation of extra curriculum activities and other activities are vital considerations. Stanford wants candidates to pass excellently on the most difficult courses available.

Stanford has no required high school curriculum, though it looks preferably for students who have the strong success in all core subjects. Effective writing skills are also essential in order to gain admission to the school.

Having excellent grades is not the whole story; though Stanford admits top students who perform best at their high school classes. The school also considers writing tests, SAT critical reading tests, math tests and other important tests. Therefore, students, who want to get admitted into Stanford, must keep on studying.

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Stanford wants students who are committed to widening their intellectual capacities. The school wants students who love learning and who are community-minded, curious and willing to participate in classroom debates. Essays, extra-curriculum activities and clubs are places where students can communicate their experiences and thoughts to the admission committee. The school looks for great dedication to non-curricular activities.

Besides that, many students are normally rejected because of ignoring simple mistakes such as misspellings and typos in their applications. For example, despite scoring better grade of 4.0 GPA, some students do not take simple things with seriousness. It means that they spoil their chances for themselves. Carefulness must, therefore, be taken into consideration.

If students who feel that they have grades to get them into Stanford, it is advisable to send the application to the school. There is no harm of trying. There are students who think that their grades cannot qualify them to be accepted at Stanford. Some students have been fortunate enough to be admitted to Stanford, though initially thought that their grades could not qualify them. It is, therefore, important not to give up.

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